A gift from the Italian city of Turin to the Cuban capital, for the 500th anniversary of its foundation, tomorrow will be the artistic lighting of Galiano Street, with 16 constellations of luminaries.

The populous road of the municipality of Centro Habana is officially named Avenida de Italia, and the ceremony will take place at nine o’clock at night, Luis Carlos Góngora, vice president of the Council of the Provincial Administration, told the local press, informing the program of activities for the half millennium of this Villa of San Cristóbal.

Precisely on the occasion of the date, also tomorrow Wednesday in the European city itself will be lit its artistic luminaries, said Góngora.

The assembly in Galiano was carried out with the cooperation of the Agency for Cultural and Economic Exchange, of Italy, and the technical support of the Turin Museums Foundation and the Electrical Union of Cuba, according to the website of the Avenida de Italia.

The mentioned light constellations are part of a project of outdoor exhibitions that have been presented in that city since October 1998, with the aim of showing the most up-to-date contemporary production, and where the works of internationally renowned creators can be enjoyed.

The show is a courtesy of Luci d Artist’s collection of creations, and is designed by Italian stage designer Carmelo Giammello, from the Turin Academy of Arts, the weekly Tribune of Havana newspaper said in its print edition.

With such a unique gift from the city of Turin, without a doubt, the central street of Galiano will acquire greater splendor, an artery in which emblematic commercial establishments, the Deauville and Lincoln hotels, the Americas theater, the Casa de la Música de Centro Habana and the El Curitas Park, and where the now renovated Boulevard de San Rafael begins, among other places of interest.

Taken from Cubadebate