The Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) has, for the first time, a pavilion at Havana International Fair. In the same space, most of the businesses present in that strategic area are gathered.

Disposable diapers, from Mariel to Cuban stores

For four days in the stores of CIMEX and TRD chains, a new brand of disposable diapers for babies and daily protectors for women has been marketed. Under the seal of the Vietnamese company Thai Binh Investment Trading Corp. high quality items made in Cuba arrived at the counters.

The plant has an annual production capacity of 120 million disposable diapers, and about 240 million intimate daily protectors. To guarantee that level, the factory operates every day of the week, in two 12-hour work shifts.

The general director of Thai Binh Investment Trading Corp. announced that they plan to subsequently market these assortments in Caracol and Palco network of stores, as well as in international pharmacies. At the same time, a special product is being analyzed for sale in the retail markets in Cuban pesos.

The company also values ​​the possibility of including, for next year, another production line. Adult diapers, wet towels or diapers for babies are within the projections of this company belonging to Thai Binh, a firm present in Cuba for almost 20 years.

Richmeat places its offer in the retail network

Two weeks ago the Mexican company Richmeat began commissioning its factory established in the ZEDM. In about 20 days, your product will be found in Cuban store chains, said Alejandra Chapela Díaz, the company’s vice president.

Spicy mixed mincemeat, without soy, is the offer of this company incorporated in 2015, which was among the first eight authorized in the area. One of Richmeat’s pretensions, in keeping with the interests of the country, is to promote productive chains with the national industry. Part of the raw material is already acquired within the border, while the purpose is to obtain on the Island all the necessary material in the manufacture of assortments, such as packaging.

Mariel’s only dealer already has its first user

The Portuguese capital company Ecoplast is the first user in ViMariel, S.A. Industrial Park, the only concessionaire to date of the ZEDM.

ViMariel, a subsidiary of Viglacera S.A., obtained authorization from Cuba last March, in the context of the visit of the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Nguyen Phu Trong, current president of that country. The company was finally established last July to, within 50 years, project, invest, build, manage and operate the infrastructure and the Industrial Park.

Polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC for the manufacture of various plastic items, all with high demand in Cuba, will be used by the Portuguese company.

Six years in Zone

At present, the ZEDM has 49 businesses, of which 26 are in operation and the rest execute their investment processes, as specified by Ana Teresa Igarza, director of the Zone, when inaugurating on Monday the pavilion of that strategic area for the Cuban economy.

According to the chief, in 2019 there is a growth in the number of companies operating in the productive sphere, which are added by users who provide construction and logistics services.

Among the main results of the year, the establishment of the first businesses with German and Russian capital stands out. In this way the countries of origin of the investments have diversified, now totaling 20, in addition to Cuba.

The ZEDM is the key project to attract foreign investment, considered a fundamental element for the development of the country. Cuba needs to capture two billion dollars annually to accelerate its economic growth rates.

With information from Cubadebate