From November 4 to 8 the International Fair of Havana, FIHAV 2019, will take place at the Expocuba fairgrounds.
There will be talk, not only of business and the willingness of businessmen to continue betting on investing in Cuba; but also of a city that turns 500 and will be the special honoree of the event.
The Cuban capital will have its own stand at FIHAV 2019 and on Tuesday, November 5, it will be dedicated to the large city. It is planned that the main publications dedicated to it will be included in the Havana stand, as well as a representation of different artistic manifestations.
According to statements by Carlos Góngora, vice president of the Provincial Administration Council (CAP) in the territory, a broad program of cultural and business nature is prepared.
Among the activities is planned the development of a business forum with the companies of the capital, focused on the opportunities of the fair and the potential of the industry in Havana.
The vice president of the CAP commented that parallel to FIHAV there will be an important gastronomic, sporting and cultural event with a group of young Italians in Havana, which is going to be called Calle Italia and will occupy Galiano Avenue. In addition, a few days before FIHAV 2019 starts, the loan that the city of Torino made for an artistic lighting will be inaugurated for 2 years, which will also be located in Galiano.
As explained by Carlos Góngora, Havana that businessmen will see will be the rejuvenated capital next to celebrating its 500 years.
With information from Radio Rebelde