Angola attended for the first time with an official delegation to the International Fair of Havana, FIHAV 2019, which will begin on November 4th. The entourage will be composed of senior public officials and a large representation of the business community, said Simão MP Timóteo, member of the international exchange cabinet of the Commerce portfolio.

On the part of the executive, specifically, there is probably, the participation of representatives of various ministries, including those of agriculture and mineral and oil resources. Interested firms include beverage producers and others linked to trade, such as Pomobel, which has a wide network of markets in the country, he said. Managers of the coffee company Cafeangol and the public company Aprodel, of the electricity sector, also expressed their willingness to attend FIHAV 2019, confirmed the specialist, who appreciated the possibility of attracting investments during the event.

The main objective of many Angolan entities will be to explore the potential of the Cuban market and “I think it will be a good opportunity because we will have face-to-face conversations in a bilateral business forum,” he said. Another important scenario, opinion, will be the Foreign Investment Forum of the fair, where Cuba’s portfolio of opportunities for foreign direct investments will be announced. As he explained, Angola will have a stand at the ExpoCuba site, where it will have exhibitions of national products, as well as a space dedicated to the representation of the ministries. The assistance as official delegation responds to the will to strengthen bilateral trade relations, as agreed in a cooperation protocol signed on 2017.

The Angolan delegation will also visit the Mariel Special Development Zone, an important enclave for foreign investors in Cuba, as well as the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, because “we know the Cuban potential in that area and our entrepreneurs are interested.” In the context of FIHAV 2019, a memorandum of understanding will be signed between the chambers of commerce of the two countries, which should contribute to the promotion of business ties.

Information from Prensa Latina